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АНОО «Центр дополнительного
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План конспект открытого урока по теме «Holidays» в 4 классе

1.       Introduction

T:  Good morning! Nice to see you!

S: Good morning! Nice to see you , too.

T: Let’s start our lesson. Please answer my questions.

What day is it today?

S: It’s the fifteenth of February today. It’s Monday.

T: What season is it now?

S: It’s winter.

T: What is the weather like today?

S: It’s cold and windy. It’s sunny. ……..

T: OK. Good.

Today we are going to speak about holidays. Last year we spoke about some Russian and English holidays such as New Year , Christmas, the 8th of March and Thanksgiving Day.

Today we are going to speak more about some English and  Russian traditions.

In autumn people in many countries celebrate a very funny holiday-Halloween. People in Russia celebrate it, too. Let’s look and listen how people in Great Britain and America do it. Miss Jennifer, the teacher from America will help us. Listen. Please.

(interactive board- video “Halloween” -25 s)




“ Do you know which holidays Americans celebrate in the fall? I enjoy Halloween. It’s in October. Every year on October 31 children wear costumes and in the evening they go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. It’s a lot of fun.”

T; What did Jennifer say?

Let’s read what she said.  There are some new words in the text. Can you guess what the word “fall” means?  We know four seasons. What are they?

S: Winter, spring, summer, autumn.                                                                                                    

T; Jennifer says that they celebrate Halloween in the fall. In October. What season do Americans call “fall”?

S: Autumn.

T: You are right. British people say autumn and Americans say fall.

(on the blackboard: autumn=fall )


T: Jennifer says that children wear funny costumes and go trick-or-treating. What do children do?

S: Children go from home to home and ask candies.

T: Good work! And one more word- “neighborhood”. It means houses near your house.

Now let’s listen again.

(video 25 s)

T: Do you like this holiday?

S; Yes, we do. We like it.

T: Do people in Russia celebrate it?

S: yes, they do.

T; Do children wear funny costumes?

S: Yes, they do. They wear funny costumes.

T: Do Russian children go trick-or-treating?

S: No, they don’t. They don’t do it.

T: Now look at the blackboard again. Jennifer uses different prepositions when she speaks.

She says Americans celebrate Halloween IN the fall, IN October.

And she says they celebrate it ON the31st of October. IN the evening they go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

We use three main prepositions of time: IN, ON, AT. How can we use them?

Look! We have a very nice flower bed. There are three flowers on it. In the middle of each flower you can see our prepositions.






 We use IN when we speak about parts of the day( in the morning), months (in October), seasons (in winter) and years (in 1992). Write down it on our first flower.

We use ON when we speak about days ( on Monday, on Monday morning, on the 15th of February, on Christmas Day).

We use AT when we speak about time (at 3 o’clock), holidays ( at Christmas), and when we speak about night.

T: Are you ready? Ok, now let’s check how you remember. Look at the blackboard and choose the correct answer.

( Pupils go to the blackboard and choose the correct preposition-10 points)

                T; Great! Now we know how to DO it.

                T: Look at Liz! She is so upset. What’s happened?

                L : I can’t do one exercise. Can you help me?

                T: What is the exercise about?

                L: It is about holidays.

                T: I think your friends can help you. Let’s look at this exercise.


                L: When do people celebrate Christmas?

                S: They celebrate it on the 25 of December.

                L: What is the symbol of Christmas?

                S: It is a Christmas tree.


                T: Russian people have a very interesting tradition, too. Last week was special for Russian people. Every spring Russian people celebrate Shrovetide.-Масленица. During this week people say “good bye” to winter and celebrate the beginning of spring.





















T: Now your hometask. Please answer questions which you see on the blackboard.

Today we spoke about Halloween and one of the oldest Russian traditions-Shrovetide.

Thank you for the lesson.


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