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Грамматический тест для 4 класса

    Итоговый грамматический тест для 4 класса проводится в конце учебного года для проверки знаний после изучения 8 модулей учебника (УМК «Английский в фокусе»). Тест содержит 25 вопросов, к каждому вопросу 4 варианта ответа. Форма работы с тестом – индивидуальная, возможна последующая взаимопроверка.

Choose the correct answer:

1. How … potatoes have you got?

    a. much                b. any               c. some           d. many

2. I always … a piano lesson on Monday.

    a. have                 b. are having   c. is having      d. has

3.  … you play the violin?

    a. are                    b. can              c. does              d. is

4. Mice are … than cats.

    a. small                b. smaller       c. the smallest   d. smaler

5. Look! Sam and  Ken  …  playing football.

    a. is                      b. are              c. am                 d. can

6. Whales are … than lions.

    a.  biger               b. bigger         c. the biggest     d. big

7. How … olive oil have we got?

    a. many                b. much          c. any                d. some

8. She never … in class.

    a. is talking          b. talks           c. talk                d. are talking

9. Listen! They … .

    a. are singing       b. sing            c. is singing       d. sings

10. Why … ?

    a. you are cry      b. are you crying  c. is you crying  d. are you cry

11. Sam … to the zoo a week ago.

    a. go                    b. are going          c. went               d. goes

12. There … two armchairs in the living room.

    a. are                   b. is                      c. am                  d. –

13. … Liza at home yesterday?

   a. is                      b. were                 c. was                 d. are

14. Did he … a film last night?

   a. watches           b. watched            c. watch              d. watching

15. My sister … the book every evening.

   a. reading            b. reads                 c. read                d. is reading

16. My brother … got a computer.

   a. have                b. is having           c. has                  d. are have

17. They … like meat and potatoes.

   a. doesn’t            b. isn’t                  c. aren’t              d. don’t

18. … he play the computer game yesterday?

   a. do                   b. did                     c. is                     d. does

19. I … a letter now.

   a. write             b. writes                  c. am  writing         d. is write

20. We … tickets for this concert last week.

   a. bought          b. buy                      c. buys                d. are  buying

21. What is he … at the moment?

   a. do                 b. does                   c. doing              d. did

22. Paul … painting a picture in his free time.

   a. like              b. is liking              c. likes                d. liking

23. What kind of music did you … yesterday?

   a. listening      b. listened               c. listen              d. listens

24. Can I have a … of bread, please?

   a. carton          b. bar                      c. kilo                d. loaf

25. There … a lot of butter in the fridge.

   a. are               b. is                        c. am                  d. -





































































































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