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АНОО «Центр дополнительного
образования «АНЭКС»

Главный редактор:
Ольга Дмитриевна Владимирская, к.п.н.


Лексико-грамматическая работа с текстами на английском языке

Симонова Наталия Михайловна

Text № 1 “Blowing Hot and Cold with the Same Breath”

There was once a wild man who 1 (live) on a hill which 2 (be) far in the forest. He was a simple man and seldom 3 (speak) to other people.

One day he 4 (notice) a man 5 (walk) along a path in the forest below the hill. He 6 (run) down to him and said, “I want to talk to you. You 7 (come up) to my home and 8 (have) a talk with me?” The man agreed. They 9 (climb) the hill together. As it 10 (be) a cold day, the stranger 11 (breathe) on his hands. “What you 12 (do)?” asked the wild man. “I 13 (blow) on my hands.” “Why you 14 (do) it?” “My hands 15 (be) cold. I want them 16 (become) warm.” “I 17 (understand)”, said the wild man.

When they came to the house on the hill, the wild man 18 (give) the stranger 19 (drink) a cup of boiling milk. As the milk 20 (be) very hot , the stranger 21 (begin) 22 (blow) on it. “What you 23 (do) now?” asked the wild man. “I 24 (blow) on my milk.” “Why you 25 (do) it?” “The milk 26 (be) hot. I 27 (blow) on it 28 (make) it cold.” “What!” shouted the wild man. “But before you 29 (blow) on your hands to make them hot. 30 (Get out) of my house! I 31 (not want) men like you in my house. You 32 (not be) an honest man, if you 33 (blow) hot and cold with the same breath.”

Text № 2 “Invitation for Dinner”

Dear Ann,

You 1 (be) free 2 (come) to dinner here on Saturday next at 8.00? My brother Paul 3 (come) and 4 (bring) a friend of his 5 (call) Tom Edwards. You 6 (not meet) Tom but I 7 (think) you 8 (like) him. He is an assistant stage manager at the Gate Theatre and 9 (be able) 10 (tell) you about actors. Paul says Tom 11 (not to receive) much salary and often 12 (not get) enough 13 (eat), so he 14 (ask) me 15 (have) roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for dinner. He probably 16 (ring up) between now and Saturday 17 (say) that it 18 (be) a good idea 19 (start) with soup.

I 20 (know) you usually 21 (not eat) such meals, but I hope you 22 (enjoy) the conversation. Anyway 23 (come) if you 24 (be able).

Love, Mary.

Text № 3 “A remarkable Book”

Once, while I 1 (walk) in the park of London, I 2 (see) an old strange-looking man. He 3 (sit) on a bench 4 (hold) a closed book in his hands. I 5 (sit) on the bench and 6 (look) at the book.

I 7 (see) that the book 8 (be) of great interest. It 9 (be) a very old copy of early Baron’s works. I 10 (look) at the old man in surprise and 11 (understand) that he 12 (know) I 13 (sit) on the bench because of him and the book he 14 (hold) in his hands. I 15 (smile). “It is the last I 16 (have),” he said and 17 (stretch) it out to me. I 18 (take) it with words, “I 19 (be) a lover of old books.” I 20 (open) this small book and 21 (look) at the date. “Oh,” I said. “It 22 (be) a remarkable book.” “Yes,” he 23 (sign). “I 24 (have to) 25 (sell) it 26 (buy) the necessities of life. I 27 (have) a hard life and this book always 28 (be) a comfort to me.”

I 29 (nod) and 30 (think) that I never 31 (see) such a remarkable book.

Text 4 “The Unfinished Letter”

Dear Hilda,

I just 1 (hear) that my mother isn’t very well, and I 2 (like) 3 (go) and 4 (see) her. The trouble 5 (be) that I 6 (not can) 7 (take) my dog Tim with me. You 8 (think) you 9 (be able) possibly 10 (look) after him for a week? You 11 (have) him for a week last year, you 12 (remember), and you 13 (say) he 14 (be) no trouble and 15 (get) on well with your dog.

If you 16 (be able) 17 (have) him I 18 (bring) him along any time that 19 (suit) you. He 20 (have) his own bed and bowl and I 21 (bring) enough tinned dog food 22 (last) him a week.

But if it 23 (not be) convenient, 24 (not hesitate) 25 (say) so …

Text № 5 “The Farmer and the Boy”

One morning a farmer met a boy and asked him if the latter wanted a job. The boy 1 (answer) that he 2 (do). The farmer 3 (want) 4 (know) if the boy 5 (can) 6 (give) him a good character. The boy said that he 7 (can) and 8 (add) that it 9 (be) from Mr. Muggs, the shopkeeper, his previous master.

The farmer agreed. He told the boy 10 (go) and 11 (ask) Mr. Muggs 12 (come) there and 13 (speak) to him. He said that he 14 (wait) there for some time. Twenty minutes 15 (pass) and then forty minutes 16 (pass), but Mr. Muggs 17 (not come).

Later in the afternoon the farmer 18 (see) the boy again and he said that Mr. Muggs 19 (not come) with the boy’s character. The boy 20 (not be) surprised 21 (hear) it. He said he 22 (not ask) Mr. Muggs to come there.

The farmer asked why the boy 23 (not do) it. The boy 24 (answer) that he 25 (tell) his old master who 26 (want) the character. The farmer not 27 (understand). Then the boy 28 (explain) that his old master 29 (tell) him the character of the farmer.

Text № 6 “Tarzan’s Friend”

A forester with his dog Tarzan was riding through the thick forest. Suddenly his horse 1 (stop). The forester 2 (feel) that something 3 (frighten) it. He looked round and 4 (see) a pack of wolves 5 (come) to them. Then the dog Tarzan 6 (run) over to the wolves, 7 (sniff) and 8 (disappear) with them in the forest.

The forester remembered the day when he 9 (find) a helpless hungry wolf-cub. He 10 (pick) it up, 11 (bring) it home, 12 (warm) it up, 13 (give) it food and 14 (put) it in Tarzan’s dog house. Soon the cub 15 (grow) up. Then the forester took the young wolf back to the place where he 16 (find) him and 17 (leave) him there. Now the forester understood why the wolves 18 (not attack) him and the dog. Among them 19 (be) Tarzan’s friend.

Tarzan 20 (return) home the next morning safe and sound.

Text 7 “A Philosopher”

Once a philosopher travelled down a river in a small boat. While he 1 (cross) the river he 2 (ask) the boatman, “You ever 3 (hear) about Philosophy?” “No”, 4 (said) the boatman. “I never 5 (hear) about it. What 6 (be) it?” – “I 7 (be) sorry for you, indeed,” replied the learned man, - “you 8 (lose) a quarter of your life as it’s a very interesting science!” Several minutes later the Philosopher asked the boatman another question. “You 9 (hear) about Astronomy, when you 10 (be) at school?” – “No, I 11 (leave) the school many years ago and I 12 (forget) all about it,” was the answer. To this the philosopher answered that he 13 (be) really sorry for the man, and he 14 (think) that the boatman 15 (lose) a second quarter of his life.

Some minutes passed and the passenger again 16 (wonder) if the man ever 17 (hear) about Algebra. And the man 18 (have to) admit that he never 19 (know) about it. “In that case you certainly 20 (lose) a third quarter of your life!” said the scientist.

At that very moment the boat 21 (strike) on a big stone. The boatman jumped and 22 (cry) , “You ever 23 (learn) 24 (swim)?” – “No”, was the answer. The boatman explained sadly to the philosopher that he 25 (be) sure that he 26 (lose) his whole life as the boat 27 (sink).

Text № 8 “A Letter to a Friend”

Dear Peter,

You by any chance 1 (know) where Bob 2 (be)? I 3 (like) 4 (find out) because I just 5 (hear) of a job that exactly 6 (suit) him, but if he 7 (not apply) fairly soon of course he 8 (not get) it.

I last 9 (see) him about a month ago when he just 10 (leave) his job with the film company. He 11 (say) he 12 (go) to France for a holiday and 13 (promise) 14 (send) me a postcard with his French address as soon as he 15 (find) a place 16 (stay). But I 17 (hear) nothing about him since then and 18 (not know) even whether he 19 (go) to France or not.

If you 20 (know) his address I 21 (be) very grateful if you 22 (phone) me. I 23 (try) 24 (phone) you several times but your phone 25 (not seem) 26 (be) working.

Yours Jack

Text № 9 “Mss Davies”

Mss Davies is the oldest person in Elm Street. She 1 (live) in it all her life and 2 (see) a lot of changes here. She says she 3 (be) always ready 4 (discuss) these changes with people.

One day Kelly, a reporter, 5 (phone) Mss Davies and 6 (ask) her for an interview. When Kelly came, Mss Davies 7 (lie) on the sofa 8 (read) a newspaper. She said she 9 (feel) bad but 10 (add) that she 11 (speak) to the girl. Mss Davies 12 (ask) where and when she 13 (be) born and how long she 14 (live) in house No.20. “We 15 (move) into this house during the war when a bomb 16 (fall) on my old house next door,” Mss Davies explained. “We 17 (live) in the largest room of the house while they 18 (repair) the rest of the rooms.”

“You 19(be) there ever since?” Kelly asked. Mss Davies 20 (nod). Then she added, “The street 21 (change) so much and the people 22 (become) richer. They 23 (have) cars and televisions now. You never 24 (see) a car in the street when I 25 (be) a girl and now so many new houses 26 (build) in our street too.” Kelly wanted the old lady 27 (tell) her if life 28 (become) better. And again Mss Davies smiled, “No, not really. It’s nice to have a telly but people are less friendly now. They 29 (stay) in their houses all the time. If anyone 30 (go) out, you can never 31 (see) him, as everybody 32 (use) a car. My granddaughter seldom 33 (visit) me and I can’t 34 (make) her 35 (come) or 36 (ring) me up. But I would like her 37 (do) it. I never know if she 38 (come). I often feel lonely as my husband and most of my friends 39 (die).

Text № 10 “Ferenz List”

Ferenz List, the famous composer and pianist, was a very kind man. This story shows how kind he was. Once there lived a poor girl with her mother and a younger brother. The girl 1 (study) music and 2 (be) very talented. One day her brother 3 (catch) cold and 4 (fall) ill. The doctor 5 (send for) but they 6 (be) so poor that they 7 (can) not 8 (play) for his visit and the medicine he 9 (prescribe).

So the girl 10 (think) of a plan. She decided that she 11 (tell) the people that Ferenz List 12 (teach) her music for some years already. “If the people 13 (learn) about List it 14 (attract) them to my concert and I 15 (be able) to earn some money to keep my brother.” And so she 16 (do).

But one day while she 17 (look) through a newspaper she 18 (see) a note in which it 19 (write) that the famous composer Ferenz List 20 (be going) to give some concerts in their town. The girl was afraid that if List 21 (learn) that she 22 (tell) the people a lie, he 23 (tell) everybody that he never 24 (see) her.

As soon as List 25 (come) to their town the girl 26 (go) to him and 27 (tell) him the whole story. After she had finished List said, “  28 (sit) down at the piano and 29 (play) for me!” While she 30 (play) List 31 (make) some remarks and at the end of the class he 32 (say) to the girl, “Now when somebody 33 (ask) you who your teacher 34 (be) you 35 (can) 36 (say) it’s me, because I 37 (give) you a lesson today.”

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