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АНОО «Центр дополнительного
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Конспект урока английского языка

Choosing a career

Жукова Марина Ярославовна,
учитель английского языка
№411 «Гармония»



Цель урока: подготовка к написанию сочинения о преимуществах и недостатках профессии.

Задачи урока:

- повторить и закрепить лексику по теме  «Professions» и «Features of character»;

- развивать навыки монологической речи;

- развивать критическое мышление;

- повторить и закрепить правила написания сочинения о преимуществах и недостатках профессии.

Технология: проектная методика, использование инновационных компьютерных технологий.

Тип урока: урок систематизации и обобщения знаний.

Оборудование: компьютер, проектор, презентация в Power Point.

Ход урока.

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls! I hope you are fine today. What date is it today? What day is it today? Who is absent today? I think we are ready to begin our lesson. Let’s watch a short film.

(просмотр ролика о профессиях)

Teacher: Can you guess what the topic of our lesson is?

Students: We are going to speak about jobs which are dangerous .

We may discuss what people of different dangerous jobs do and why they choose such professions.

T: That’s right. Also you will try to find out what the most dangerous professions in the world are. You will learn how to express opinions and write a composition about advantages and disadvantages of doing tricky jobs. But I’d like to start with revising the words. I’ll give you some definitions and you’ll guess what I am talking about. These words can help you. Listen and repeat after me.

a vet , a pharmacist, a lawyer, a doctor, a pilot, a roofer, a bodyguard, a miner, a travel agent, a refuse collector.

· a person whose job is to advise  people with the law or speak for them in court;

· a person trained to look after sick animals;

· a person who makes and sells medicines;

· a person who owns a travel agency or works there and whose business is to arrange travels;

· a person who flies or navigates an aircraft;

· a construction worker who specializes in roof construction;

· a person who extracts ore, coal, or other minerals from the earth through mining;

· a person who escorts or protects someone;

· a person who collects and removes refuse and recyclables for further disposal;

· a licensed medical practitioner.

Keys: a lawyer, a vet, a pharmacist, a travel agent, a pilot, a roofer, a miner, a bodyguard, a refuse collector, a doctor.

Well done! Can you say once more what professions you remember?

Do you agree with me that any job requires some special features from a man? I mean, that for example, a doctor must be patient and very attentive and a fireman must be fit and brave.  Let’s do the next exercise.

Choose the correct adjectives to complete the sentences and characterize the occupations mentioned.

Creative, brave, challenging, outgoing, generous, courageous, talented, intelligent, imaginative, polite, energetic, skillful.

1. Linda says that teaching is a very ………………………. profession.

2. He thinks that the life of an engineer is not as ............ ………….as the life of an architect.

3. People who work as firefighters should be …………….... . and ………………...

4.I have always thought that doctors must be …………….. ....

and …………………………

5. He is a really ……………………………. actor.

6. It’s important to be ……………………………. if  one is a nurse.

7. He will become a good travel agent. He is …………………………. and ………………………..

8. For the writer it is important to be ………………………………..

Keys: challenging, creative, brave, courageous, intelligent, generous, talented, polite, energetic, outgoing.



Well, now let’s make a conclusion. What jobs do you know?

Great! You know a lot of different professions! Look at the smart-board. There is a list of jobs there. Let’s read the words. Divide jobs into two columns.

Traditional jobs

Unusual jobs



Teacher, doctor, trapeze artist, combat soldier,  postman, bullfighter , race car driver, builder, pilot, bodyguard, butcher, singer, shark whisperer, lifeguard, journalist, firefighter, vet, oil rig worker, dentist, engineer.

Are there any dangerous jobs or jobs you have never heard about? Let’s read the descriptions of some of these jobs.

Vet, journalist, trapeze artist, race car driver, cosmonaut, bullfighter, lifeguard, oil rig worker, shark whisperer.

- A vet is a person with a medical degree trained to take care of the health of animals

- A journalist is a person who writes news stories or articles for a newspaper or magazine or broadcasts them on radio or television

- trapeze artist is a person who works in a circus as an acrobats and performs special movements on a rope

- race car driver is a person who takes part in a rally

- cosmonaut is  a person who travels into space

- bullfighter is a person who fights and sometimes kills a bull

- lifeguard a person on a beach or at a swimming pool whose job is to make certain that the swimmers are safe and save them if they are in danger

- oil rig worker is a person who exploits oil

- shark whisperer a person who works with sharks.

Have you ever before heard about shark whisperers? Do you want to get more information about this job?  Let’s watch a short film about a shark whisperer.  Be ready to answer the questions.

(We watch a short film about a girl. who is a shark whisperer).

1. What was the girl in the film doing? (She was swimming with the sharks)

2. Was she frightened?

3. What did she say about her work and about the sharks?

Your homework was to read and to translate the text.  You may open your books at page 36 and use the text to answer the questions.

1. What is the text about?

2. What’s the name of the main character?

3. How can Stuart control the behaviour of sharks?

4. What did we learn about Stuart’s first job with sharks?

5. Why did he agree to do his first shark scene in the feature film?

6. What does Stuart say about his job?

7. Can you say what character Stuart Cove has got?


Can you think about some other jobs that are extremely dangerous but vitally necessary for people?

(policeman, firefighter, journalist)

What features of character do people need to be a firefighter? (policeman, vet,  lion trainer, journalist). These words and phrases can help you.



I think that…

I believe that…


for ……(a vet)… it’s important to be…



it’s important to be…if one is a…( bodyguard)



















And now let’s think about the advantages and disadvantages of your possible future job. I want you to complete the spidegram. For example:

stressful rewarding







well- paid

When I was a teenager I wanted to become a surgeon.

I think that a job of a surgeon is rewarding, challenging and well-paid.

But on the other hand it’s tiring and stressful.

Now work in pairs and make your own spidegrams.

Tell us what job you have discussed and what the advantages and disadvantages of this job are?

Let’s make a conclusion. Look at the plan and answer what  we need to write a composition about the advantages and disadvantages of a job?  What can help us to link all the parts of the composition together?  Yes, you are right.  They are in your books at page 20.  Which of them help us to introduce pros? And cons? Which words help us to make a conclusion?

Well, I think you have already thought about you future. Can you say what you are going to be and why. Use the plan and the model.


Para 1: present the topic (ask a question or use a quotation)

Para 2: arguments for and justifications/examples

Para 3: arguments against and justifications/examples

Para 4: conclusion (say that a job has both advantages and

disadvantages and a person must make his own decision).



I’d like to know if you were comfortable at the lesson, learned a lot and understood everything we were talking about.  Show me:

- a green card, if you liked the lesson and learned a lot;

- a yellow card, if you had some problems;

- a red card, if you didn’t understand anything and felt uncomfortable

Thank you. All cards are green. It means we can continue working on the topic.

Homework: write an article for your school magazine about the pros and cons of your future job.




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